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Gray Day Series
New London NH, 2012
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 18”
White Floater Frame
“Alive and wet,
Droplets trace the glass;
Racing one another,
To who knows where.”

Plant Wet Photo
One winter day in 2008 I took our car into town to be washed. While sitting in driver’s seat as the automatic machine went through its paces, I became intrigued with the lively movements of the water droplets on the windshield. First the soak, then soapsuds, the rinse and finally the blow-dry. I had my cell phone and took a couple of snap shots to try and capture the essence of the scene. The hazy view was so subtle. The action of the droplets that danced on the windshield and quickly became rivulets made one almost believe they were alive. Surface tension, wind and flowing water, surfactants and detergents combined to put on a little show for me. It made me smile.