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Acrylic on cradled board, 24” x 24”
“Opposing forces generate Waves;
Stretching the cultural fabric below;
We need gentler times, a better flow,
And for men of power to at last behave.”

Waves Sketch
Waves is part of the 2018-19 series that are each based on the big painting Tribes. Similar to the 2017 series which was based on an small center square of Many Rooms, this series each takes 3 different pieces of the Tribes painting and overlays them so as to create new composites. The tracing below was used for this painting.
So far there are three of these paintings each representing a component of the thinking behind the big painting.
I try in each to be positive; to recognize that we have problems but that there are solutions. While it often does feel like there are waves of discord everywhere, the long poem in this expanded series (Aren’t we all kin) suggests a way out.
We are nation of all immigrants. We all came here seeking a better life, a freer way of being, a hope to succeed in whatever way we saw as representing our best selves. Time after time; wave after wave, immigrants have been opposed by those already here. There was strife and bloodshed but eventually most were absorbed and eventually welcomed; some faster than others since prejudices die slowly.
So is now different? Or is it our time to deal with the waves? Is it our time to remember why America was founded; to be generous as well as careful, open minded as well as cautious? Hate begets hate.
Such a waste of time, energy, and souls.