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Urban Oasis
Cityscape Series
St Pete, FL – 2010
Acrylic on canvas, 18” x 24”
“Heat; strong shadows;
Close fences and roofs;
Exotic plants abound;
My urban oasis.”

Urban Oasis Photo
In 2009 we bought a little craftsman cottage in the historic residential neighborhood of St. Petersburg Florida. The photograph shows the potential we saw for our own urban oasis. As much as we love New Hampshire the winters were getting hard to enjoy and a few months of extra sun was even harder to resist.
On our way to Sanibel Island we had stopped by for a quick visit with old friends who came from the neighborhood in New Jersey where we both raised our kids. We fell in love with St. Pete, its art, cultural opportunities, and diversity. The Old North East neighborhood where our friends lived reminded us of a tropical version of where we had first met. And so we bought the house next door.
However, the photograph of Kezar Garage South on my CONTACT PAGE shows, as a retired Architect/Landscape Architect I couldn’t help but add to this palette making the oasis even more inviting and different from our New Hampshire retreat.