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Acrylic on canvas, 48” x 48”
“From the egg all come;
But to different Tribes born
The blending of edges and cultures;
Essential for our union to be strong.”

Tribes Sketch

This is the new (e.g. 2018) large painting from which several smaller paintings are derived, similar to the process and products of 2017 with MANY ROOMS and it’s smaller interpretations.

I couldn’t represent every culture or tribe in the world so I selected four major continents: Africa (top left), Europe & America (top right), India (bottom right), and Asia (bottom left). Each of these were represented by how their cultures are organized, a religious symbol, and their skin colors.
The underlying pale blue is all of humanity. The dark blue forms represent the dominant organization preferences and the other colors should be self-evident.
For our democracy to remain strong and viable these cultures need to gently penetrate and accept our system and one another. In doing so they can be absorbed while maintaining critical components of their identity. Eventually the culture of our nation will adjust and accommodate, the skin colors will become muted, common to all, and the fear and hate of the ‘other’ will abate.