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St Pete FL, 2014
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 60”
White Floater Frame
“From where to where?
Little bits of chaos.
We are but transmutations,
Across time and space”

Transmutations Triptych

My daughter went to Morocco in January 2014 and among her other emails she sent a picture of this wonderful patchwork zebra rug. I immediately fell I love with it. I took the two adjoining pictures from her loft in Boston earlier that same winter before we left for Florida.

In my St Pete studio I printed the pictures and placed them next to one another. I enlarged the pictures and starting making drawings based on the patterns. The whites-to-tans, gray-blues, burgundy-mauves, and pale greens absorbed me and a triptych evolved.

As the painting gained a life of its own, my interest in cosmology, chaos theory and entropy started to impact the imagery. We start as stardust, organize ourselves into sentient life with all its trappings and then dissolve back to dust.