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The Egg
St Pete, FL – 2015
Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 24”
Black Floater Frame
“Time has no remorse;
A bird from an egg, it comes.
But which came first?
Why the egg of course!”

The Egg Sketch
I free-associate or doodle a lot. It helps clear my mind of cluttering thoughts and gets me in the painting mode. At other times it helps me concentrate and not wander off in my mind to some fantasyland when I should be paying attention at a meeting.
Of the several artists that I greatly admire Calder is near the top my list. This drawing made me think of the humor and whimsy in much of his early work (e.g. his circus). I also associate with Calder strong and bold shapes and colors, often with black, a color I rarely use.
So I thought it might be interesting to see if, with strong colors added, the shapes in this little drawing could tell a story of sorts and at the same time pay homage to an artist I greatly admire.