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Silver Lichen
Summer Day Series
North Sutton NH, 2012
Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″
Black Floater Frame
“Concentric rings expand,
Shimmering silver lichen;
Markings of the past,
Another day almost gone.”

Silver Lichen Photo
The old woodsman myth is that if you’re lost you can create a compass by looking at tree trunks and the side that has the most lichen is facing north. We have plenty of trees in New Hampshire with lichen on them; some face north.
This picture is from along our lake’s edge, young maples covered with patches of lichen. This painting is a rather free wheeling interpretation that tries to combine the essence of trees covered in lichen, water and human construction. I have again turned the tree trunks from vertical to horizontal to free up my mind’s eye and then played with the relationships of sunlight, sky, buildings, water’s reflections and the ringed growth of slow growing lichen. And yes, the colors are much hotter!