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Pond Life
St Pete FL, 2013
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 24”
Maple Floater Frame
“Amid the darkened waters
Wiggles start to emerge.
Pond life is awakening.
The magic cycles renews.”

Pond Life Sketch
In several of my landscape designs, I created a pair of linked circular ponds. The “lazy eight “ or “Mobius strip” represents both infinity and the connectedness of everything in our universe.
These ponds come to life early in the spring. They are shallow and the ice melts before the deeper natural lakes. And so the peepers come to sing their mating songs and lay their gelatinous egg masses. The water warms quickly and there are hundreds of tadpoles.
The sketch and the resultant painting tries to capture, in an abstract way, this sense of renewed life. The colors represent the green matted algae that blooms on the surface and black the dark leaf-covered bottom.
There is a companion painting (Spawning Swirls) that considers more closely the act of life renewing as it wiggles in little clusters, the gas from the decomposing leaves bubbles up, and the miracle of the egg.