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New Kids on the Block
Acrylic on cradled board, 24” x 24”
“Difference so often creates fear
Strange cultures wanting in
Is there room; what about my kin?
New Kids on the Block are here.”

This painting borrows a portion of the underlying grid from the series based on MANY ROOMS and then superimposes a variety of tadpole like forms of different sizes, shapes and colors. The grid represents our existing structure and the multicolored tadpoles represent the newly arrived.   

They all look different, they speak different*, and they behave different* BUT just how different are they and why is “different” seen as such a danger?

We are a nation of immigrants – all of us – you just have to go back far enough. We came here to be different, to think different*, to allow difference. It hasn’t been smooth because as social animals the existent tribe always feels the need to protect what they view as solely theirs.

So accepting different peoples needs to be done with some caution and care but we shouldn’t discard what has made us so great, welcoming and building on diversity.In other countries and cultures where the need to stay pure xenophobia often rules and this has often resulted in national decline.   

And in any event just what is pure? None of us are pure anything except HUMAN.

*Apologies for the ungrammatical use of alliteration.