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Monhegan Woods
Monhegan Island, ME- 2015
Acrylic on Paper, Art 6″ x 18″ – Mat 8” x 20”
All Glass Clip Fame

monhegan woods
The Monhegan Series of Plein Air paintings were done on Monhegan Island, Maine during the summer of 2015. My daughter, son and grandson and I all went to the island for a little R&R. This is a wonderful place where I had spent several summers as a child and is now a fairly well known artist colony.
These snap shots approximate the views where each painting was done. For me these are more interpretations of a landscape than pure abstracts. Each tries to capture the feeling and emotion of the time and place.
This is a few hours later than Monhegan Mist and an expanded view, with the anchor removed and the small house in a field at the far left included.