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Monhegan Marsh
Monhegan Island, ME- 2015
Acrylic on Paper, Art 6″ x 18″ – Mat 8” x 20”
All Glass Clip Fame

monhegan marsh photo
The Monhegan Series of Plein Air paintings were done on Monhegan Island, Maine during the summer of 2015. My daughter, son and grandson and I all went to the island for a little R&R. This is a wonderful place where I had spent several summers as a child and is now a fairly well known artist colony.
These snap shots approximate the views where each painting was done. For me these are more interpretations of a landscape than pure abstracts. Each tries to capture the feeling and emotion of the time and place.
This painting is of the central marsh on the island. This is where the island hermit used to come on late summer days to harvest the grass for his sheep.