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Acrylic on paper, 22” x 28”
“A melting pot nation
The American dream?
The only answer it seems.”

Thinking about “Black Lives Matter” I wondered with some of my friends what it really takes for people of different color, background, religion, etc. to be fully accepted in our country.
Historically it seems that when immigrants arrive they often stay in their own enclave where they naturally feel safe. Their kids or grandkids are the ones that become Americanized, absorbed and accepted.
The more different the newly arrived appear or feel the more difficult it is for them to acclimate and become one of us. And the harder it is for us to accept them. But as the generations intermarry and mix the more the country becomes the so-called melting pot.
The sketch represents the American dream of a home on a parcel of ground (the green square) where marriage and kids can be accommodated and grow (the arrows pushing outward). The arrow pushing in from the bottom is the desire of the newly arrived to participate in this dream. The colors represent the mixing of peoples, bit-by-bit, generation-by-generation. And thus a quilt of colors and cultures becomes one.