Acrylic on cradled board, 24” x 24”
“A melting tundra bodes not well;
Much more water; less flowered plain.
The methane bubbles make it worse
A spiral accelerates out of control.”

Methane Sketch
For almost all of 2020 I focused my art on the issue of Global Warming. This resulted in a series of 8-linked painting. All the images come from natural things such as trees, stones, bark, and earth aerials. Each interpretation tries to speak to the realities we are all facing.
The photograph is a close-up of a knot in a very old Cedar trunk. The blacks & whites create a pattern that becomes in my painting undulating hillocks & valleys as the flat tundra melts. The profusion of arctic flowers struggle to remain on the high ground while methane bubbles up through the melt-water & add to our global warming.