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ME 2
ME 2
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 24”
“Upon the grid of a patriarchy
A better structure now can be
And so the power of ME2 is told
We need women to save our globe.”

We live in trying times it seems. History indicates that we have been here before but I wasn’t paying attention. 

As an artist I can’t NOT react to what are “My Times.”

Rather than simply stir the pot as it boils I want to show America’s strengths. Things we need to remember and protect.

This is about the “Me Too” movement and how badly we men have treated women.

The angular black and white shapes in the center of the painting represent a central government that has and still is steadily being corrupted. 

The lightening shapes are the feelings of the people wanting change and better representation. They are varied in desire.

The egg-like and other curved shapes and earth colors are the introduction of women into the mix with the hope that they can bring some sanity, humility, and utility back to Washington