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Male Female

Connections and Variations Series
NH and FL, – 2012
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 24”
White floating frame
“We are so connected,
So entwined and inflected.
Where do you begin?
Où est ma fin?”

Male Female Sketch
For years when attending meetings I would draw while listening to the various discussions, debates and presentations – my wife always said it was rude – but I was actually paying attention. I have dozens of these free wheeling drawings most of which are in the pages of over 20 years worth of journals, hand-made booklets that I took with me everywhere to keep notes, write down ideas, doodle, keep track of my calendar and to just keep me company.
Upon reflection and review I thought some of these mind-pictures might elicit a painterly reaction from me if I refined and developed them. Male-Female is the result of combining 2 drawings that have been edited, adjusted and colored. And hopefully the imagery that resulted should be fairly obvious once one knows the title or reads the accompanying poem.