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Life Room #1
Ink on paper, 22” x 30”
“They came together long ago
And so there was me;
Another beginning, if you will,
With a future yet to be.”

Life Room Photo 1Initial Four Quadrant Sketch
Life Room Photo2 

1st Quadrant Drafted Drawing

The left-hand sketch represents all 4 quadrants for an eventual large painting. The lower left quadrant is about a “Beginning.” Because the sketch was so geometric and complicated it was enlarged, hard ruled, and further interpreted. The right-hand drawing shows how the sketch for the first quadrant evolved during this phase.
Two humans come together to create a new entity that advances to another life room.
The intention is to show the differences of the participants and how their union created something viable and unique in its own right. My mother (pink & purple) and my father (green & blue) come together to create me. My DNA combined their strengths and weaknesses into a pattern that resulted in some new colors of my own.