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Just Ash
Mixed Media on Cradled Board
24” x 24”- 2023
“So gray, an eerie pall;
Diminishing embers recall
A rampant fire before
Now Just Ash, life no more.”

A piece for the series FIRE WIND & ICE

While the painting is fairly simple the media includes acrylic paint, taped grids and graphite.

The grid references the USGS griding into Quads the vast wildernesses of America and the amount of land that wildfire is consuming due to Climate Change.

This photograph of a still burning forest was the painting’s source. You can feel the heat in the air.

I have interpreted the scene when sometime later, the air has cooled and the site is more ghost-like.

The scene is bleak but the apparent brush strokes plus the multiple media is intended to portray the impact of the destruction.