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Folly & Greed
Acrylic on cradled board, 24” x 24”
“Dry river bed white as a bone;
No water for essential trees.
So much tinder and dry heat;
Now flames of folly & greed.”

Folly & Greed Sketch
For almost all of 2020 I focused my art on the issue of Global Warming. This resulted in the series ICE WIND & FIRE. All the images come from natural things such as trees, stones, bark, and earth aerials. Each interpretation tries to speak to the realities we are all facing.
More tree bark (London Plane). This abstracted depiction of a growing wild forest fire includes the visual presence of water gone and a dry riverbed that remains.
The grid harken to our presence and how we map the land. We map but we don’t seem to really know or understand.