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Early Morn
North Sutton, NH – 2012
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 24”
“The air shimmers
Early morn yellow.
Buildings yawn and blink;
Another day begins.”

Early Morn Photo
The view from our daughter’s Boston apartment is layered and often quite misty. The colors and hues change with the time of day and the seasons – always intriguing, always different.

Typically the early morning sun colors the air with a light that is yellow-white, and causes the windows to blink as the sun moves across the sky. The walls and roofs then start to warm.

Rounded green shapes will always be seen as trees so I removed these and this color from the patterns as well as the palette. Instead I try to show the layers – block upon block, while still keeping the painting flat. I emphasize the purple-red bricks and the blue-gray roofs, exaggerate everything, hopefully allowing the song of the city as it awakes to be heard and seen.