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Cracks of Winter
Acrylic on canvas, 18” x 36”
(Damaged at a show and repaired by artist)
“Now our days seem so short
But a wondrous season we’ve had
The cracks of winter retreat
Recycling time is now at hand.”

Contra Eddies Photo
This is the companion piece to “Kezar Sunrise” so it is the same shape and uses the same fundamental structure. But it is based on winter pictures of the same scene and the varied patterns the ice on the lake forms as it melts. If there is a bit of wind the ice will start to crack and sing much like a whale. The ice is sliding over the water and the friction yields harmonics that are both lovely and a little eerie.
Unfortunately this painting was damaged while at a large show (a +/- one inch tear in the upper left-hand quadrant that has been repaired and repainted by me) As such it comes free with is companion or if acquired alone is half price.