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Blood Line
Acrylic on canvas 48” x 24”
(can be hung vertically or horizontally)
“A Blood Line runs through
The encompassing void;
Separate individuals we believe,
But still connected, each one to all.”

Blood Line Sketch
As you can see the original doodle was more freehand but when I paint I like to make the geometry crisper so the doodle was redrafted and the suggested geometries made real.
For this painting I was encouraged to try and do one that was primarily red. The base of this painting was a series of overlaid reds – light, dark, and mottled.
While there is nothing very original about red making one think of blood this painting tries to tie together a number of my beliefs. The dark blue edges represent the unknown from where we all come and in time return. Life is a path through this void and how we experience it.
The variety of shapes represents the unique individuals we each are. Smaller shapes represent beginnings. The connections show how over time and through generations, from egg to egg, we come into being, live, and then the cycle continues; a long, evolving, spiral through time and space.
We all like to think we are special and unique and of course we are but we are still just a tiny part of a much bigger flow.