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Almost White
Mondrian Series
North Sutton, NH – 2013
Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 24”
White Floater Frame
“It is cold and bright.
Light sparkles off the snow;
Variations of almost white
Pattern the ground.”

Almost White Sketch
During the winter/spring of 2014 while in St. Pete I studied Mondrian. His paintings have always surprised me by how much emotion he generated from what could be easily described as a cold and calculated set of intersecting lines and geometric shapes. He almost always used primary colors and I wondered what I might be able to do with a more neutral palette. Could I take an idea from a rural or urban setting and transform it into a set of simple geometric patterns that evoked the original picture or idea?
“Almost White” is about the subtle changes in color and pattern we get in NH when everything is covered with a layer of snow. Pale blues, marginal yellows, gray-whites all play a part in the delineation of what was a meadow or a lake. This painting also references the Broadway play called “ART” which is about 3 friends and one who buys a pure white painting. An early sketch shows how the shapes were determined and then the pale colors were used to create the patterns.